We are big sourdough fans here at St Ewe – they make the perfect soldier, poached egg soaker-upper and scrambled egg throne!

The aim is simple: to encourage more people to buy genuine sourdough or – even better – to make their own sourdough bread at home. Some think sourdough is easier to digest but we all need more fibre in our diet – so this tasty loaf ticks the box.

Over the month of September, there are sourdough masterclasses classes, tastings, feasts and more to encourage you to try this superior loaf and make your own.

We’ve put together our Top 10 Sourdough favourites including course and much more that we’ve found for you…and what’s more there are lots of options beyond the month of September.

Top 10 sourdough favourites:

  1. Baker Tom – Masterclass on 10th Sept and selling their Sourdough loaves at a discounted price across Sept
  2. The Old Bakery Cafe, Cawsands – they hold a Sourdough masterclass every month
  3. Coombeshead Farm, Lewannick – attend one of their Sunday Bread Workshops – covering a range of breads, guiding you through the complete process from maintaining a sourdough starter, to proving, shaping and baking a loaf.
  4. The Sourdough School, Northampton – A centre passionate about sharing knowledge and empowering people to bake bread that is both delicious and that nourishes. With lots of courses and online ones too.
  5. Bread Ahead, Borough Market – Sourdough Masterclasses and everything in between including Christmas classes !
  6. e5 Bakehouse, Hackney– regular Sourdough Breadmaking workshops with lunch included. Advanced Sourdough making classes also available.
  7. Hobbs House Bakery, Bristol – Super Sourdoughs course with Tom Herbert on 27th Sept. Also take a look at their Sourdough Nation page
  8. Loaf, Birmingham – with their Simply Sourdough course, their motto is to “bring back real food”
  9. Forge Bakehouse, Sheffield – Head baker and founder Martha wanted to share her love for the stronger flavours brought about by wild yeasts and bacteria. So their “Intro to Sourdough Course” really is their forte – spaces available for November.
  10. Great Cornish Food Store, Truro – who always have a fresh supply of Sourdough bread and make delicious dishes in their cafe everyday