The British Red Lion focus on protein for British Egg Week 2019.

Eggs are an excellent source of natural protein and are also relatively cheap when compared to other high-protein foods, like meat and protein bars.

A medium-size egg contains around 6.4 grams of protein which makes up around 13% of the egg.

Whilst protein can be found in both the egg white and the yolk, the yolk actually has a higher concentration of protein than the white – but as there is more white in the egg, this means the white provides more protein overall.

So we’ve got two hero recipes for you to try;

1. Egg White Smoothie

Egg White Smoothie

2. Green Eggs & Ham

Green Eggs & Ham

Best in our range for Protein Power;

Boost the Roost – eggs contain every vitamin except vitamin C but are also high in protein. Our super eggs, Boost the Roost are also high in selenium and DHA Omega 3 for antioxidant and immune boost.

Egg White – Award winning pasteurised Egg White from St Ewe Free Range Eggs, with no preservatives. Egg white is great to help maintain a healthy, balanced diet, has high satiety value, keeping you fuller for longer. High in protein (11g per 100g).

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British Red Lion ambassador, Tom Daly invites you to take the Protein Challenge to prove how strong eggs really are!