Safeguard British Food Standards

June 5 2020


Over the coming weeks we – The Great British Public, have a once in a lifetime opportunity to secure the future for British farmers.

Last week celebrity chef and British food advocate Jamie Oliver, wrote an open letter to the Prime Minister urging him to prevent the importation of low-quality food into the UK, that otherwise would normally be illegal owing to the non-existent levels of animal welfare.

“I write this letter because I believe you’re about to seriously undermine public health and unpick the delicate patchwork quilt of farmers and food producers who are the backbone of this country…”

“What’s more, we’ll be threatening the future of our farmers and food producers who, despite extraordinary challenges, have worked so hard to keep us fed throughout the Covid-19 crisis..”

From the actions of just one champion, thousands of new supporters have signed the NFU’s petition and signed-up to the Back British Farming Campaign now we urge you to do the same.

There are countless reasons why supporting British farming is so very important, but to name a few:

  • UK farming practices are known to be some of the most environmentally and sustainable in the world
  • British farmers consistently produce high quality, affordable, nutritious and outstanding tasting food.
  • British farmers not only supply 61% of the food consumed in the UK but the agriculture sector alone contributes to around £122 billion to the British economy.
  • The British agriculture sector employs over 4 million people supporting rural and urban communities up and down the country.
  • British farmers are leaders in animal welfare, custodians of our beautiful countryside that stretches the length and width of the UK and champions of renewable energy.

The UK is ranked #1 in the world for animal welfare standards and we must ensure that these standards are safeguarded and all imports meet with these. Join us to make sure British food & Farming is not undermined and email your local MP today to show that you care about our animals and where are food comes from.

Do your part, have a voice, be the difference and sign the PETITION today!