Super Egg Whites Now Available in Morrison Stores Nationwide.

July 5 2021

We are delighted to annouce the launch of our brand new Super Egg Whites into Morrisons stores nationwide on 5 th July. Super Egg Whites are 100% pasteurised free-range egg whites containing 11g protein per 100ml, 0% fat and no cholesterol or gluten. Super Egg Whites are highly bioavailable, meaning the human body can absorb the egg whites’ nutrients much more easily than many other forms of protein. Morrisons will be the first supermarket to bring an ambient liquid egg white to market and we feel egg-tremly proud.

Super Egg Whites are a highly versatile ingredient: from lighter summer dishes such as egg white omelettes and frittatas, to perfect puddings including pavlovas and chocolate mousse, the ambient product can also be used for less expected serves such as smoothies and protein shakes. The egg white serves as a nutritious thickening agent in smoothies and can be swapped with protein powder in protein shakes for maximum protein absorption.

If you’d like to include Super Egg Whites into your life then you can purchase them from Morrisons stores nationwide with a RRP £2.50/500ml, as well as through the our new Online Shop in 250ml, 500ml and 1L bottles.