About St Ewe


‘You are what you eat’ is never truer than for a hen’s digestive system. Our hen’s gut health and overall wellbeing is crucial to make sure they lay beautifully nutritious, rich tasting St Ewe eggs.

We have a specialist and unique feed of locally sourced raw materials. This ensures the hens have the right mix of minerals and vitamins.

Understanding the hen’s digestive system has allowed us to innovate. We have developed bespoke diets with different combinations of nutrients and pigments which in turn has allowed us to bring unique brands to market like Boost the Roost & Rich Yolk.


The chicken comes first! Welfare, nutrition and care of our hens is key. We have over thirty years’ experience as Poultry Farmers.

Our farms are British Lion Accredited to make sure we work to the highest standards. We are also Vegetarian Society Approved.

We have a total of 10 Stars from The Great Taste Awards and regional Taste of the West Awards (currently we hold 7 Gold, 1 Silver). In 2018 we received Highly Commended at Food Manufacturing Awards for our Liquid Egg Production. Our team also won National Egg and Poultry “Egg Packer of the Year” 2018, South West Farmer “Outstanding Achievement” Award and the NFU Mutual Trophy for service to the Westcountry Egg Industry.


Our family farming values carry through everything we do, it’s what we know best. We use traditional farming methods on our home farm.

We support family farms and employ local people. We support the local community through regular donations of our eggs to Food Banks. We work to minimise any wastage on the farm. All our hen’s eggs have a home from our pullets & smalls in our Hen Picked range, or our seconds with misshapen shells being used in our Pasteuriser.

To reduce our carbon footprint our Packing Centre is powered by solar. We consolidate transport. All our cartons are made from recycled materials, are compostable and bio-degradeable.