British Red Lion

The British Lion is the UK’s most successful food safety scheme.

 Over 90% of UK eggs are produced under the British Lion scheme including all St Ewe eggs. 

The British Red Lion is a mark of quality and safety, laid by British hens vaccinated against Salmonella. 

The British Lion scheme has been responsible for a drastic reduction to the presence of salmonella in UK eggs and the Food Standards Agency has recently confirmed that they are the only eggs that are safe to be consumed runny, or even raw, by vulnerable groups.

All eggs that carry the British Lion mark have been produced under the stringent requirements of the British Lion Code of Practice which ensures the highest standards of food safety. The code covers the entire production chain from the pullets arriving on the farm through to our Packing Centre and the eggs in the cartons. 

Look out for the Lion: all Class A eggs have to be marked with a code showing the type of farming system (St Ewe will always have 1 for Free Range), country of origin and production unit. In addition, British Lion eggs have a best-before date on the shell and carry the Lion logo.

Under the Lion scheme, a sample of our eggs from every flock are sent to be tested every 15 weeks. With audits of our Packing Centre twice a year. 

Our eggs come from the following farms and will also be date stamped; 

1UK10821, 1UK23410,  1UK11925, 1UK23138, 1UK10875, 1UK137200, 1UK13740, 1UK16026, 1UK21379, 1UK17667, 1UK17926, 1UK20123, 1UK20075, 1UK21322, 1UK10659

From time to time we do supplement our supply from other Lion accredited British Free Range farms. 

  • Original - large
  • Original - medium
  • Rich Yolk
  • Boost the Roost
  • Hen Picked
  • Grand