Our Farms

Our grand parents bought Ventonwyn Farm (meaning Pure Spring in Cornish) in 1967.

Hidden in the midst of Cornwall’s rolling countryside, we’ve been putting free range, sustainable farming at the heart of everything we do for more than three decades.

We’ve always been an innovative family.  We roll up our sleeves and hate standing still. 

In 1982 we built our first free range hen house and welcomed our first 1,500 free range flock of hens.

By 2016 we had bought a second hand pasteuriser from a retiring farmer in Spain, had it reconditioned and began producing pasteurised free range liquid egg yolk, white and whole eggs.

In 2019 we had a family of over 200,000 free range birds looked after by ourselves and 16 other free range family farmers.


The Natural Environment

We farm sustainably, work to reduce wastage across our whole business. We use solar energy where possible, consolidate transport and our egg boxes are compostable.

We believe in making sure we have a minimum impact in the world’s resources, whilst having the maximum impact on taste!


Family Farming

Family-size farms are good for the environment and good for the hens. 

This way we can build a secure future and a guaranteed market for other family farms while we still produce our own eggs on our own family farm in the way we always have done

  • Original - large
  • Original - medium
  • Rich Yolk
  • Boost the Roost
  • Hen Picked
  • Grand