Family Values

Free-range, sustainable farming is at the heart of everything we do. We have grown our brand by taking on other family farms across the Southwest, as well as recently taking on two fabulous producers in Wales, who have all become an extension to the St Ewe family.

Ventonwyn Farm is nestled on the stunning Roseland peninsula in the heart of the rolling Cornish countryside and is the home of St Ewe HQ. We are an innovative family farm with over 50 years’ experience in farming and after diversifying into poultry farming some 40 years ago, we decided to open our own packing centre and from here the St Ewe Free Range Egg brand was born!

It is through forming strong relationships with like-minded farmers that allows us to build a secure future and a guaranteed market for other family farms in the UK; whilst continuing to produce our own eggs on our home farm in the way we always have.

100% Free-Range

All of our producer farms meet our exceptionally high standards and their hens are kept in the same free-range conditions, are RSPCA Assured, Red Lion accredited and fed the same bespoke, highly nutritious feed as our own flocks. This is what makes St Ewe eggs so unique.

The eggs are only as good as the farmer and feed the hens eat, so we use dedicated feed supplier Humphrey Feeds and Pullets who supply all our hens and our producer farms with our bespoke, highly nutritious feed ensuring the hens are always in tip-top health and their eggs are delicious!

If you are interested in ‘joining the family’ and becoming a Producer Farm, have a look at our New Producers page.