Hunger Busting Tips

Don’t get hangry, get cracking!

Feeling hangry is getting a grip on the nation as 79% of Brits admit to feeling irritable and bad tempered due to hunger, according to research by British Lion eggs. A combination of busy lifestyles and the trend for fasting diets,especially at this time of year mean that Britons are in conflict with their own bodies with more than one in ten people confessing they get hangry every day.

Protein-packed eggs keep you feeling fuller for longer, so visit our recipe page for inspiration on how to keep your ‘hanger’ at bay!

Nutritionist Cath MacDonald shares her top tips with British Lion on how to avoid hunger pangs:

1. Hanger management is better than a hangry cure

Stave off any danger of a hangry episode by choosing protein-based foods over carb or fat-based options. Research shows that when eating meals of equal calories, those with a higher protein content help to keep you fuller for longer

2. Stay fully hydrated

Dehydration can be deceptive and can make you think you’re hungry when actually you’re just thirsty. Remember to drink plenty of fluids, preferably water, and try drinking a glass before each meal which can help stop over eating!

3. DO NOT miss breakfast

The age-old mantra of ‘breakfasting like a king’ is one that still rings true; you should always eat a substantial breakfast, choose something speedy to make like classic dippy eggs or a protein packed omelette… no excuses!

4. Stay satiated

Choose foods with low energy but high nutrient density and eat them frequently. If you don’t like big meals or your lifestyle isn’t conducive to the traditional ‘three square meals’, make sure you graze on the right foods. Hunger can make you reach for a quick fix sugary snack, but picking a protein-based power snack instead is sure to deliver just enough energy to stem the hanger and keep you satisfied until your next meal.

5. Don’t opt for carbs alone

Especially those ranking highly on the glycemic index (GI); research shows that eating high GI foods can increase feelings of hunger – not decrease them – which can lead to overeating and ultimately weight gain!

6. Eat plenty

Make sure you’re eating enough! Your hanger might simply be hunger!!  We’re all told to watch what we eat and sometimes this can mean we under eat, which of course can lead to genuine hunger.  Make sensible food choices and this can be avoided

7. Know your limitations

Don’t cook meals that take hours to prepare. If you’re waiting around for food to cook, you’re at risk of picking and snacking at anything in sight. Choose fast and easy meal solutions – for instance egg-based recipes, which are quick to cook and packed with nutrients and protein.

8. Get enough sleep

Beating hunger related irritability could be down to tiredness. Not enough sleep can interfere with hormone levels but at its most basic level, lethargy and irritability can cause weakness, mimicking hangry symptoms making you feel hungry when you’re not!

9. Avoid pre-packed or processed

Cooking from scratch doesn’t have to take longer than using processed foods, in fact it can be much less expensive and is almost always the most nutritious option. A simple omelette is nutritious and delicious and if you’re cooking it for longer than three minutes, you’re doing it wrong… so get cracking! Conversely, a microwaved lasagna would take at least as long to cook and is likely to contain plenty of hidden sugars, fat and salt.

Fuller for longer Recipes

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Lunchbox Eggs

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Kat’s Shakshuka

Kat’s Shakshuka

A delicious meal that is seriously satisfying no matter what time of day you choose to have it. Full of delicious vegetables and spices that go perfectly with a lovely runny egg yolk (or two)!

Green Breakfast Salad

Green Breakfast Salad

Rhiannon’s top tip for not getting “hangry” is to remember to eat a balanced plate at meal times, the #ReNourish way will ensure you have a fibre and protein rich meal to keep you satisfied for longer.
Rhiannon’s cookbook ReNourish is available to buy now.

Green Frittata with Feta & Seaweed

Green Frittata with Feta & Seaweed

This frittata recipe is packed full of extra vitamins and nutrients, by using our Boost the Roost eggs to get higher levels of selenium and DHA Omega 3 plus vitamin B2, B12 and vitamin D. We have added an extra top of vitamins by using real seaweed also rich in B vitamins.

Breakfast Egg Cups

Breakfast Egg Cups

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Super Quick Ramen with Soya Egg

Super Quick Ramen with Soya Egg

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