Super Eggs™


Super Eggs™ are the next generation in egg nutrition and our free-roaming hens are fed a scientifically developed ‘Super Feed’, containing high levels of natural selenium (Se), Vitamin D and DHA Omega-3; which are fantastic for their health, as well as our own.

Super Eggs are the official eggs of the mighty Exeter Chiefs and endorsed by rugby superstar Jack Nowell.

For each carton of Super Eggs sold, we will donate 5p to Pancreatic Cancer UK.

Cartons contain 6 eggs. Each case contains 60 eggs (2 trays)




A well balanced, healthy diet is infinitely better for you than taking supplements and essential for a healthy body and mind!

Selenium is a naturally occurring mineral that has had very little exposure, but this super nutrient packs some serious kudos and is actually one of the 13 essential minerals needed to maintain optimal health and offers immune system support. Even in small doses, selenium plays a vital role in important processes within the body including, hair and nail strengthening, collagen promotion, regulating the thyroid hormone and is an effective antioxidant; helping to protect cells from oxidative stress

Selenium benefits: 

  • Offers immune system support
  • Helps to regulate your thyroid hormone production
  • Contributes to antioxidant activity
  • Plays an important role in fertility (spermatogenesis)
  • Strengthens hair follicles, nails and boosts the collagen in your skin

DHA Omega-3 benefits:

  • Contributes to brain health & function, maternal health and cognitive function in the elderly; helping to slow the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • DHA Omega-3 helps brain, eye and nerve development, visual health and function and eye health
  • Contribute to cardiovascular health: maintenance and promotion of heart health and a healthy circulation
  • Playing an important part in carbohydrate metabolism and insulin sensitivity. Long term maintenance of normal blood glucose concentrations

A serving size of 2 Super Eggs™ provides you with 75% of your RI* of Selenium and 65% of your DHA Omega-3, as well as many other sources of nutrition- important for a healthy balanced diet. * RI – Reference Intake

Based on strong scientific evidence, the Food Standards Authority (FSA) state that runny or even raw eggs can now be safely eaten by vulnerable groups such as babies, pregnant women and the elderly, as long as they carry the British Red Lion stamp. All St Ewe eggs are Red Lion Code registered, RSPCA Assured and Vegetarian Society accredited, for total peace of mind.


A cause very close to our hearts owing to a family history of Pancreatitis; we are extremely proud to support Pancreatic Cancer UK with 5p donated directly to the charity with each carton of Super Eggs sold.

The donations help to provide expert support, fund groundbreaking research and campaign for change, in order to raise awareness and ensure more people survive. By working in partnership with the charity, your support will help to transform the future for people affected by this devastating disease.