Protect plants from slugs and snails

Egg Shell Plant Wall

A natural way to keep slugs and snails off your plants is to use egg shells. The sharp edges act as a deterrent. Egg shells compost down into the soil and the calcium in the egg shells is an excellent nutrient for the soil.

  • Cooking time:1 hour



  1. Collect your eggs shells from eggs used for cooking, we recommend giving them a rinse under water and placing them in a paper bag
  2. When you have collected enough dry your eggs shells out in the over after you’ve been cooking and whilst…
  3. Cook in there for
  4. Using oven gloves, or wait for them to cool break into a fine sharp crumb
  5. Build a "wall" by sprinkling around the base of your plants
  6. Slugs and snails don’t like the sharp edges and it composts down into the soil after

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