One Pan Veggie Breakfast Burger

  • Serves:1
  • Prep time:5 minutes
  • Cooking time:15 minutes



  1. Heat 1 Tbsp of Olive Oil in a non stick pan. Add the slices of aubergine and cook until golden on both sides.
  2. Add the halloumi while the aubergine is cooking add the cherry tomatoes.
  3. Sprinkle over the thyme and season well.
  4. Cook the halloumi until nicely coloured and the tomatoes have softened a little
  5. Remove all from the pan and set aside.
  6. Add the remaining oil to the pan and crack in the egg on one half of the pan
  7. Add the spinach to the other, turning over to wilt down. Cook egg to how you like it.
  8. While the egg is cooking, split the brioche bun in half and place the bottom piece on a plate
  9. Place half of the spinach on the brioche the layer up the aubergine slices, tomato and halloumi.
  10. Next place the avocado on top. Then the rest of the spinach. You may need to use a cocktail stick to secure the fillings.
  11. Place the egg on top. Add any sauce you like if desired then place the top half of the brioche bun over the egg and serve.

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