Savoury spinach pancake with Boost the Roost Scrambled egg



    1. To make the pancake mix, combine all the above pancake ingredients together, (the milk last so you can add more if needed) blend until a smooth, still thick and pourable consistency.
    2. Char-grill the pepper & cherry tomatoes or cook how you wish then lightly blend (I used a nutri bullet) so it is still a chunky consistency.
    3. To make the pancakes, add half the mixture to a lightly oiled non stick flying pan, once the base has gone golden flip over to the other side, these take about 2/3 minutes each side on a medium heat & depending on your chosen thickness.
    4. Cook the asparagus in a grill/ standard frying pan with a little oil, add herbs & seasoning, these take about 8 minutes.
    5. To cook the eggs, whisk with a fork in a bowl first, on a low/ medium heat add a little oil to the sauce pan, once you have added the eggs, use a spatula to gently stir. This takes a matter of minute’s to cook so it’s ideal to have everything plated so you can add these on at the end.
    London Paleo Girl's tips (add if you fancy)
    1. Don’t eat when you are feeling stressed, deep breathing, yoga or a walk first can put your body in a better place.
    2. Take time to eat your food, it’s not a race & sit down, eating standing up or on the go isn’t great for your digestion and most importantly you can’t enjoy your food.

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