FSA announces Runny Eggs Safe for pregnant women, children & the elderly.

October 11 2017

The Food Standards Agency has confirmed that pregnant women, young children and elderly people can return to eating runny eggs – as long as they have the British Lion stamp on. Download PDF for more info.

Every St Ewe egg has the stamp! We are also SALSA & Freedom Foods accredited.

High quality and good nutrition is what makes us so passionate. We ensure the high standards across our farms and for our hens…and good nutrition starts with them.

Our Boost the Roost eggs, highlight this perfectly. We give the hens an incredibly nutritious feed with selenium & DHA Omega 3 as part of it, which they in turn deposit these nutrients and minerals into the eggs.

Selenium & DHA Omega 3 are essential for these more vulnerable groups; pregnant woman, children & the elderly. As they;

  • Boost your immune system
  • Contributes to brain health and function, maternal health and cognitive function in the elderly. Slowing the early onset of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • DHA helps brain, eye and nerve development, visual health and function, and eye health essential for children and babies