A Love of Eggs. A Passion for Welfare. An Obsession for Good Food & Nutrition.

Welcome to St Ewe Free Range Eggs. We are a multi-award winning free-range egg producer nestled on the Roseland Peninsula in Cornwall. With family values at our heart and nutrition at our core, we firmly believe that the chicken comes first; as a happy, healthy, free-ranging hen produces delicious, highly nutritious eggs!

We have been farming for over 40 years and have dedicated ourselves to producing an egg for everybody. We have listened to the market, worked with top chefs and innovated with our feed specialist to develop bespoke feed for our girls, this assures that they get the nutrients they need and in turn allows us to bring unique brands to the market such as Super Eggs™ and Rich Yolk.

Every single St Ewe egg comes from free-range hens that have plenty of space to roam in clean, fresh air. The eggs are collected just after the hatches open and the girls head out for their morning stretch and exploration.

St Ewe offers one of the most unique ranges of eggs in the market which can be found throughout the South West in supermarkets and food retailers, as well as nationwide via Ocado and Getir. We are also available via wholesale with our award-winning shell and pasteurised liquid egg, so please have a look at our trade page to discover our range.