Honestly the best eggs in UK!
Isabella, February 2020
Amazing eggs. Noticably tastier than other eggs we’ve had lately. Also made tastier sponge and fruit cakes. Thank you
Emma, May 2020
The best eggs by far! Well done to all the staff at St Ewe
Samantha, May 2020
Had some last week and were larger with more orange yolks than I’ve had in a long time! Premium quality eggs at normal prices! Delicious!
South West Food & Drink, April 2020
I just wanted you to know that because of lockdown we have had to try different products! Well we bought your eggs and they are amazing! Best tasting egg I’ve had in my life nothing like any other! I’ve been having them for breakfast every day and gutted when the shop is out!
Mrs Green, May 2020
Size is wonderful and colour is gorgeous. Must be happy hens!
Karen, 2019
Delicious eggs from these happy hens which are the natural choice for a traditional English brekky!
Stephen, 2018
BEST EGGS EVER! My chickens lay good eggs but, ‘when they are not looking’! We buy St Ewes. By far the best. Yummmmmm.
Rebecca, 2019
Best eggs I’ve had in ages! Such good colour yolks you can tell the hens have an excellent diet and are well looked after. I Highly recommend St Ewes eggs.
Sarah, 2019