A passion for welfare. An obsession for good food and nutrition. A love of eggs – our little bombs of nutrition!

An egg is not just an egg!

At St. Ewe we believe the chicken does come first and she always will. We look after our girls in the best way possible and in turn they look after the eggs, that look after you.

We are St. Ewe Free Range Eggs, a multi-award winning, family-run, free-range egg producer, farming for over 40 years in Cornwall. With family values at our heart and nutrition at our core, we have wholeheartedly dedicated ourselves to producing an egg for everybody. Therefore, we only work with like-minded British family farmers who give the girls the outdoor lifestyle they deserve. Every single St. Ewe hen egg comes from a happy free-ranging bird that has the freedom and plenty of space to forage and roam in clean, fresh air. At night they find their perfect roosting spot where they feel safe and warm. You can see and taste the difference.

Hens are amazing animals and can absorb essential nutrients at high rates through their food. The hens’ diets are specially developed and balanced with them in mind. When they get the nutrients they need, we do too through their delicious, highly nutritious eggs. The best feed gives the eggs an unmistakably rich taste!

As a hen matures, she lays different sized eggs, from small to extra-large and as with everything in nature, sometimes these may be a little ‘wonky’ meaning they do not meet with our premium grade specifications. We make sure to minimise our waste, so those that cannot be packed, make their way to our pasteuriser to be turned into delicious, pasteurised liquid egg, and the calcium rich shells are spread on our fields to add nutrients back into the soil.

Let’s cherish the humble egg! From our family farms to you.