Gorgeous Yolks for Foodie Folks!

Rich Yolk has become our most popular retail and food service egg. Developed for chefs and foodies by industry professionals, ensuring they are worthy to be on the menu of some of the UK’s finest Michelin-starred restaurants.

These celebrated eggs have rich, delicious tasting, deep-orange yolks, giving cakes, pasta and patisserie a show-stopping look. Rich Yolk are famed for their depth of flavour and vibrant yolks, turning an everyday omelette into a work of culinary art!

We achieve this through our hens’ diet. The girls are fed a nutritious diet which includes marigold petals and a nature-identical paprika extract. This combination, alongside our high welfare practices, imparts a distinctive richness to our eggs, ensuring their colour retains its consistency, even through the process of cooking and baking.

Available in retail packs of 6 egg cartons and catering boxes of 5, 15 & 30 dozen.


Where to Buy:

Tesco, Great Cornish Food Store, Ocado, Food Republic