Shell Out 2 Help Out

In January 2021, the UK went into its third National Lockdown along with it the closure of the hospitality industry. Just like many small businesses, we saw over half of our business disappear overnight, with half of our customers being in the hospitality and food service sector. 

Unfortunately, you can’t furlough a hen and our girls continued to produce their nutritious eggs, with no home to go to. It was from here that the idea for the Shell Out To Help Out campaign came to light; to reduce food waste and supply nutritious eggs to the rising number of local families struggling to afford to put food on the table. 

The whole team at St Ewe rallied together and launched the Shell Out To Help Out Campaign and began popping up at locations throughout Cornwall selling trays of our delicious, award winning, free-range eggs to local communities.

For each tray sold at a heavily reduced price, we donated a carton of 6 eggs to Food Banks across Cornwall to try and help ease the growing food poverty issue which was only  being exacerbated by the relentless Covid-19 pandemic.

The response we gained from the campaign was bigger than any of us ever expected and we saw leading local chefs such as  Paul Ainsworth, Jack and Rick Stein volunteering theirs and their staff’s time, to sell eggs in and around the local communities.

We were delighted and extremely proud to have partnered with local charities to help spread the word and distribute the eggs to where they were needed most. We joined forces with some truly inspirational volunteers including, but not limited to the CHAOS group, FareShare SW, The Hive, Treverbyn Hall, ‘No One Goes Hungry Probus’ and Newquay Orchard. 

“We are incredibly grateful to St Ewe eggs for their generosity which will help hundreds of people across Cornwall” said CHAOS Managing Director Babs Rounsevell.  

CHAOS, along with other local charities, have received some 250,000 of the St Ewe’s free-range eggs to distribute via its community larders and the team were particularly keen to encourage key workers to take advantage of the scheme.

The whole experience created a sense of togetherness throughout the campaign and we felt the overwhelming sense of achievement knowing that we were doing everything  that we could to help make a difference. 

Life may be feeling like it is getting back to some kind of ‘new-normal’ but as we ride the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is very apparent that its devastating effects are long lasting and we as a British company, will continue to do our bit to help support those that so desperately need it. 

“Eggs are one of the most nutritious foods you can buy as well as being affordable, extremely versatile, simple to cook and easily digestible for all age groups; the perfect food for all! So, let’s get them out there and share this beautiful British product with those that need it most.”  Bex Tonks, St Ewe CEO

Ongoing we will be rolling out the ‘Baker’s Dozen’ concept which will see us donating 1 egg in every 12 sold to retail across the entire brand range. This is our pledge and we urge you all to help us to help others and SHELL OUT TO HELP OUT and get through this together.

A HUGE thank you to all the people that have made SO2HO happen: