Our Hens

Happy, Healthy Hens Make Tasty Eggs

Every single St Ewe egg comes from free-range hens that have plenty of space to roam in the clean, fresh countryside air.

It is well known that hens will only venture outside in the day if they know their roosting place is safe for them to return to, so we make sure each hen has plenty of room to perch at night. It stops them squabbling with their neighbours as they bed down and means they head out happily as day breaks.

Free-Range Hens

In our case, the chicken does come first and she always will! We look after the hens in the best way possible and on turn they look after the eggs, that look after you!

The hens are fed specially developed feeds and live in traditional, single tiered housing with generous room for them to roost at night. By day they range the countryside, scratching for natural foods and freely displaying all their natural behaviours.

We continually enhance our hens living and ranging conditions by investing in new housing and flock monitoring that provides us with a constant flow of data on their health and productivity.

We know our hens, their health and wellbeing inside out. As a result we have a fine flock of birds with glossy feathers and shiny eyes that produce high quality eggs with amazing colour and flavour, that are packed full of nutrients.

The Collecting

The eggs are collected by hand every morning, just after the hatches open. We grade our eggs twice; the first grade is done by hand, separating at least 75% of the cracked and missshapen eggs.

The Packing

The second grade happens in the packing centre in the candling booth, where we are able to see through the shell for any internal imperfections.

The eggs are then date stamped and printed with the Red Lion logo of approval, before being packed into their boxes.

We also only use 100% recycled and recyclable egg boxes, as well as using renewable soalr energy to power our packing centre.

Assured Standards

All our hens are reared to exacting standards that comply with the RSPCA Assured accreditation and their welfare is paramount to us. A full vaccination programme, frequent physical checks and regular land rotations ensure that the health of our pampered girls is second to none.

Quality Feeds

We’ve been keeping free-range hens for more than three decades and over that time we have meticulously observed and recorded the effect of what a hen eats on the quality of her eggs. Working with our dedicated feed supplier Humphreys Feeds, we have combined all this valuable information with the latest scientific thinking to create our own unique feed rations, that have helped our eggs gain an incredibly tasty reputation.

It is from this understanding and learning that we have been able to diversify our feed to produce speciality eggs like Super Eggs and Rich Yolk.

  • Original - large
  • Original - medium
  • Rich Yolk
  • Super Eggs Yolk
  • Hen Picked
  • Hen Picked 30
  • Grand
  • Liquid Egg Products