We are on Purple Alert!

November 1 2017

November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month.

We are involved as we have a history of pancreatitis in the family. For this reason we have added selenium to our hens diet, as they naturally deposit these minerals, Boost the Roost eggs have high levels of selenium which is an important trace mineral that helps protect cell walls.

We donate 5p from every box of Boost the Roost sold, so just by eating our eggs you are helping this incredible charity.

We know that 9600 people and their loved ones will face a pancreatic cancer diagnosis this year. 93% of people diagnosed won’t live beyond 5 years. Early diagnosis is vital to saving lives, so we need help to raise awareness of the disease and if you have time help raise funds for research.

There are plenty of ways to get involved but it feels fitting to Bake It, for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. You can find recipes on our recipe page or click through to the PCUK hub.