Super Eggs: The Next Generation in Free-Range Egg Nutrition is Here!

July 21 2020

We are thrilled to announce that we have added to our award-winning portfolio of free-range hen’s eggs and developed a ‘super-nutritious’ everyday egg; specifically for the health and wellness market.

It is well-known that eggs have an extensive range of benefits; high nutritional value, versatility and value for money. Super Eggs™ are the next generation in egg nutrition and our free-roaming hens are fed a scientifically developed ‘Super Feed’, containing high levels of natural selenium (Se) and DHA Omega-3; which are fantastic for their health, as well as our own.

Due to a family history of pancreatitis, Super Eggs™ were initially developed following research on the antioxidant properties linking selenium intake and the protection of the cells. The arrival of Covid-19 prompted further research into the eggs’ health benefits for a wider demographic and the results were remarkable.

Selenium is a naturally occurring mineral that has had very little time in the limelight, but this super nutrient holds some serious kudos and is one of the 13 essential minerals needed to maintain optimal health and also offers immune system support. Even in small doses selenium plays a vital role in important processes within the body including- hair and nail strengthening, collagen promotion, regulating the thyroid hormone and it is an effective antioxidant; helping to protect cells from oxidative stress.

Based on strong scientific evidence, the Food Standards Authority (FSA) state that runny or even raw eggs can now be eaten safely by vulnerable groups such as babies, pregnant women and the elderly, as long as they carry the British Red Lion stamp. All St Ewe eggs are Red Lion Coded, RSPCA Assured and Vegetarian Society accredited, for total peace of mind. 


Our Director Rebecca Tonks and her family have over 30 years experience as poultry farmers and have developed bespoke diets for our hens, allowing us to bring unique brands to market such as Super Eggs™ and Rich Yolk.

When it comes down to nutrition we are driven by our own family’s need to find healthy alternatives to supplements and this is why we developed Super Eggs. 

Super Eggs contain high levels of Selenium and DHA Omega-3 that are easily digested and absorbed by the body. This offers great immune and antioxidant support, with DHA Omega-3 also linked to improving heart health. Now that we have vigorously tried and tested these eggs, we would love to share our amazing discovery with the nation. Welcome to the next generation of free-range eggs!” 

Consumer psyche has shifted dramatically over the past few months and the demand for eggs and healthier food choices has never been so prevalent; the launch of Super Eggs™ couldn’t come at a better time and they are now available at retailers across the South West and nationally with Cotswold Fayre.

Jess Robinson, Buyer at Cotswold Fayre comments: “In these unprecedented times we have seen a rise in egg consumption, as consumers have gone back to basics! Eggs are a staple product, but our retail customers are still looking for authenticity and quality. 

St Ewe eggs offer a premium range to the market, achieving a point of difference in a category not renowned for innovation! They focus on taste with ‘Rich Yolk’ and health with their ‘Super Egg’ offering. It will be exciting to see this range grow as they bring something fresh to the category.”

In a bid to adapt to this new world, we have worked tirelessly to bring forward the launch of Super Eggs™ in order to offer you, the Great British Public a product that not only tastes delicious, comes from high welfare happy hens, but is also incredibly nutritious.

Remember –  It’s what’s on the inside that counts!

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