A Heartfelt Message

August 4 2020

Your comments and feedback is invaluable to us here at St Ewe and it helps us to know if we are on the right track and delivering what we set out to achieve, which is a happy, healthy, nutritionally balanced customer.

Sometimes we get feedback that knocks our socks off and we just have to share it. The below is one of these ocassions….

I’m writing to thank you for your incredible honest approach to egg farming, food produce and exemplary business methods of  sustainability.
I recently sourced your ‘Rich Yolk’ eggs and it was a taste experience that now numbs the average supermarket egg in terms taste and nutrition.
Proof that carehard workfarming and negotiations does produce food of the highest quality. This opportunity should never have been marginalised by sourcing abroad, and thank god because of lock down our own farmers and suppliers and restaurants are proving local is not only best but preferred. I literally feel healthy eating your eggs and happy!

I sourced them at ‘Trangallan’, a brilliant forward thinking family inspired, Spanish restaurant in Newington Green London. The owner from Galicia understands the importance of sourcing locally with no waste and buying seasonal crops and store cupboard essentials (something he probably learnt back in Galicia).

Trangallan from the very start of Covid adapted their business model due to the frustration of poor availability of basic food produce for their restaurant; eggs and flour in particularThis is turn highlighted a need and anger in the local residents that good food produced on their door step was not available to them especially at a time of crisis .

So while some folk where stock piling loo roll, businesses in the food industry big and small were creatively sharing problems with companies like yours to problem solve and to bring the very best local produce to the table.

In my eyes your business has brought confidence to other markets and suppliers and because of your persistence a lot of people are very grateful .

Thankfully now because companies like yours have kept their heads and not given up, we now have incredible food choices. We are getting to enjoy your eggs that remind me of ones from my youth.

This is not about wanting everything, it’s about the basics being the very best they can, and food not being interfered with or farming being compromised for the buyer or the farmer .

If I sound over enthusiastic, let me put it another way – A supplier of good eggs in turn supplies a local restaurant, who in turn supply a local community

Trangallan is now a grocer by day and restaurant by night because they found a supplier in youAnother example of a company no longer in despair but supporting its farmers and communityAt this place thlocals literally fight for your St Ewes eggs. I can’t remember Tesco’s having that problem!

When I had my first omelette using Rich Yolk I thought a Michelin star chef had whipped it upThe sweetness and roundness of the yolk is mind blowing and with every mouthful one feels healthy and happy!

Covid has highlighted many things about global food retail and sourcingOur farmers are better than the over processed and over modified harmful foods that have been offered for too long.

My message to the super chain suppliers is get the egg system sorted! Pay for good quality properly and see the customers rave about an egg!

Eggs and grain, meat and fruit; keep this country healthy and endorse the best home produce always.

I’m so proud of your company for keeping your head above the hen houseI’m very grateful also as I can get a weekly supply from Trangallan, which is based in LondonI travel from Hertfordshire to pick up my order . That’s how good your product is!

Many thanks for your hard work.