Back British Farming Day

September 2 2020

Back British Farming

We along with many British farmers are working alongside the NFU’s Back British Farming public-facing campaign, to drive support for the British food and farming sector through simple actions like buying British produce, enjoying the countryside responsibly and spreading the word with friends and family.

Food provenance is so very important and knowing exactly where your food comes from, how it was produced and how nutritious it is for you, we hope, will soon be something that you think about before each meal is planned; working with the seasons to come up with some inspired, delicious dishes for you and your family.

The NFU is inviting MPs and farmers across the country to put their best efforts behind Back British Farming Day this year and to celebrate our glorious farming industry. 

Now in its fifth year, Back British Farming day will provide a focus to celebrate British produce, its farming values and to highlight the industry’s importance to the UK economy. British produce and farming contributes to over £120 billion to the UK economy each year and employs four million people; both incredibly important in the face of Brexit and the wake of the devastation caused to the economy by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

This autumn will be a critical time for British food production and farming as the Agriculture Bill returns to the House of Commons to be passed into law and trade negotiations continue with countries around the globe. There has never been a more important time to highlight the crucial role farmers play in feeding the nation and caring for the countryside.

Six Facts On Why You Should Back British Farming…

British farmers are vital to our everyday lives, in ways that many perhaps have not yet realised. As well as growing and producing some of the highest quality, nutritious food in the world, British farmers are custodians of our staggeringly beautiful countryside, leaders in animal welfare and champions of renewable energy. What’s more, the UK food and farming industry makes a considerable contribution of £120 billion to our economy each year, provides over 4 million jobs and supports rural and urban communities across the country.

Our stunning countryside is world famous and attracts millions of visitors to our modest island every year. This alone generates billions of pounds worth of revenue for British businesses large and small, and keeps millions of people in work helping to fuel the economy and keep Britain moving!

British farmers provide us with high quality, safe and affordable food

British farmers work hard to deliver high quality, tasty and affordable food to world-leading standards for all diets.

British farmers are proud to have world leading welfare standards

British farmers invest a lot of time and resources into high standards of health and welfare for their animals. 

British farmers protect and enhance our iconic countryside

British farmers work hard to enhance our beautiful countryside and protect the environment while maintaining habitats for wildlife.

British food and farming is worth over £120 billion to the UK economy

Farmers in the UK grow the raw ingredients that underpin the food and farming sector.

The food and farming industry creates over 4 million jobs

Food and farming businesses provide jobs for 14% of the national workforce employed across agriculture, food manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing and catering.

British farmers produce renewable energy      

More than a third of farmers use wind, sun, farming by-products and energy crops to produce clean low-carbon energy.               

For those that want to actively support the Back British Farming campaign, the NFU has launched a new Facebook group which on it’s first day resulted in a whopping 2,000 members of the Great British public joining!

Hundreds of people have since shared their reasons for backing British farming, with NFU campaigns lead Stuart Donaldson commenting: 

“The aim of the Back British Farming Campaigners Facebook group is to engage more people digitally in the campaign to Back British Farming […] The success of our recent petition means we now have thousands of people who have signed up to become Back British Farming supporters. Through the Facebook group, we will engage with them more directly, allowing them to feed into the campaign and hopefully turn them into vocal Back British Farming campaigners.”

How Do I Get Involved?

If you, someone you know, a family member or friend would like to get involved, just search for ‘Back British Farming Campaigners‘ on Facebook, click ‘join’ and agree to the group rules and you’re in!

Next time you go to a supermarket or your local butcher, greengrocer, village store or bakery… just take a moment to ask yourself where did this food come from, who am I supporting and what small changes can I make to contribute to the bigger picture!