St Ewe Reaches £25,000 Donation to Pancreatic Cancer UK!

November 13 2023

November marks Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, and we’re reminded of the importance of raising awareness of this devastating disease, a cause that resonates deeply with the Tonks family.  

Our journey began with a personal connection to acute pancreatitis—a condition that is sadly close to home. We felt the need to support Pancreatic Cancer UK to help make a difference by raising vital funds and awareness of the vital work the charity does to support those living with the disease. 

You have heard of the phrase; you are what you eat, and we started looking at ways that eggs could play their role in improving health. It was during our research that we discovered the work The University of Liverpool was undertaking in investigating whether the use of organic selenium (Antox®) and magnesium (Magnesiocard®) can help to reduce oxidative damage to the cell walls around the pancreas, a development that could potentially change lives. 

Around the same time, we stumbled upon a revelation within the poultry industry—a product called Sel-Plex®. This organic selenium supplement could be added to the feed of our hens which had benefits to them and in turn us, through the absorption of selenium passing from the feed into their eggs.  

At St. Ewe Free Range Eggs, we believe in giving back, and we’re taking an active step to make a positive impact. For every carton of our Super Eggs purchased, we donate 5p to Pancreatic Cancer UK. This commitment is our way of contributing to the vital research that can transform the lives of those affected by pancreatic cancer. 

Now, with our continuous business growth, we are delighted to announce that, due to your help, we have managed to raise an incredible £25,000 for Pancreatic Cancer UK. 

Laura Howard-Jones, Head of Partnerships and Philanthropy at Pancreatic Cancer UK, said: “We can’t thank the team at St Ewe Eggs enough for their incredible generosity and support over the last 5 years raising an incredible £25,000.   

With their help, we can continue to be there to support patients and their loved ones when they need it most and carry on the fight against this devastating disease.  

Research saves lives and the money they have raised will help us take desperately needed steps towards making early diagnosis and better, more effective treatments a reality for future patients and their loved ones.”