New Packaging

July 15 2020

A Change To Our Packaging

Due to the unprecedented rise in demand for eggs and retail packaging we, along with many other egg packers are experiencing a drought in pulp packaging. You will therefore notice a change in our regular packaging as we move over to 100% recycled plastic – but it’s not what you might think!

We have worked tirelessly and scoured the globe to find a solution that is environmentally concious, made from 100% recycled material that is suitable for packaging food and also strong enough to keep our eggs safe by reducing breakages. We found our solution in innovative egg packaging specialists Ovotherm, who produce egg cartons using only 100% recycled and recyclable material. 

Ovotherm developed their revolutionary product after responding to extensive consumer research and packaging demand. All their egg cartons are produced using 100% recycled post consumer material (plastic water bottles) and are 100% recyclable; any waste from production is reused in the process immediately, with zero waste or new material added. 

Clear Sight

Our new Ovotherm egg cartons give customers the unique advantage to see what they are buying, without the need to open the carton and touch the eggs. This means that there is a dramatic reduction in egg handling by other shoppers, making this a much more hygienic option; especially important in the current climate!

Ovotherm cartons can also reduce the risk of breakages and any broken eggs are detected at first glance so no cross contamination can occur.

Whilst being mindful of their environmental responsibility Ovotherm’s fit for purpose packaging brings with it many benefits: 

  • All cartons are made using 100% recycled material (water bottles); many of which would have ended up in land fill sites
  • The impact of Ovotherm’s packaging on the environment is the lowest of all across the market and the carbon footprint is as much as 15% lower than the standard pulp
  • All cartons are 100% recyclable (please check about kerbside recycling with your local council)
  • Ovotherm cartons are over 10% lighter than typical traditional pulp packaging, which in turn means it has lower environmental impact as less fuel is used in transportation. This also means that there are around 40% less lorries on the road delivering packaging.
  • Ovotherm packaging can reduce breakages and wastage by as much at 50% compared to pulp.
  • Due to the cartons see-through nature, cashiers and customers can inspect the quality of eggs without opening the packaging, meaning far less handling and a much more hygienic option.
  • The energy used in the production of the packaging is from 100% renewable sources and over the past 5 years Ovotherm have reduced the energy used in production by 35%.

Our delicious free-range eggs are still exactly the same quality, they are just in a different outfit!

Remember – ‘It’s what’s on the inside that counts!’

To find out more about the innovation behind Ovotherm please follow the link and to download their environmental folder please click here.