The Connection Between Food Choices & Health – Can Super Eggs Improve yours?

October 13 2020

The Ranger magazine is the official magazine of the British Free Range Egg Producers Association and in January they featured an article explaining how, by supplementing laying hen’s feed, it is possible to produce enriched eggs that have the potential to improve the health and nutrition of the consumer – cue Super Eggs!

The connection between food and health is becoming more apparent to consumers. Producers have the ability to promote the fact that eggs can deliver health-giving nutrients, over and above those they already contain. As detailed in the previous article vitamin D, omega 3/DHA and selenium are the most commonly used nutrients to enrich eggs. Omega 3’s are essential fatty acids and DHA is the one that is particularly important for cognitive function and heart health.

Research has shown that increasing dietary levels of omega 3/DHA can lower cholesterol, regulate blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Nikki, our Head of Marketing explains the benefits of selenium: “Selenium is a naturally occurring mineral that has had very little exposure, but this super nutrient is in fact, one of the 13 essential minerals needed to maintain optimal health and offers immune system support. Even in small doses selenium plays a vital role in important processes within the body including; hair and nail strengthening, collagen promotion, regulating the thyroid hormone and is an effective antioxidant – helping to protect cells from oxidative stress…”

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