Why Buy British? – A Producer’s Insight

September 21 2022

We spoke to one of our loved producers, Ian Waldron, who answered a few questions relating to British Farming.



What does it mean to be a British Farmer?

Being a British farmer means being part of an industry which produces a range of food and food products which are among the best in the world and produced to some of the highest quality and welfare standards.


Why did you decide to produce for St Ewe Free Range Eggs?

I decided to produce for St Ewe as I was originally supplying a national packer but was impressed with what Bex was achieving at St Ewe and felt it would be more rewarding to be part of the St Ewe journey. Also being part of a smaller packer meant that I could achieve a far better relationship than that with a large packer. And lastly of course there was a financial incentive in moving although supplying a small packer could be perceived as a greater risk.


How have you coped as a farmer and family man over the past 2 years with the Covid-19 pandemic, Brexit, and current cost of living crisis?

The past 2 years or so have been a bit of a blur, I think!

Farming and familywise covid have had little effect, although socially it has been very disruptive.

Brexit, I don’t feel has had much effect personally as I think it has been overshadowed by Covid, however, I am sure that there are many that have been hugely affected.

As a farmer, the current cost of living doesn’t impact us as it would many others.

We are always used to wildly fluctuating income levels over the years so generally we always have some leeway built into our finances ready for the lean times, although the recent explosion in energy prices has been somewhat unsettling.


What makes British produce the best?

British food is produced to some if not the highest welfare standards in the world.


Interested in working with us? We are looking for new producers to ‘join the family’ and become partner farms by producing award-winning St Ewe Free Range Eggs.

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