British Food Fortnight – Why Buy British?

September 20 2022

There are many reasons we should all do our best to try to purchase British food where possible. These include:

  • Lower carbon footprint – This is due to the reduced travel time it takes to deliver the products.
  • You support the economy you live in, including the farmer, producer, and store.
  • You play a part in protecting the environment as the majority of British food is produced sustainably.
  • Britain has some of the safest food assurance and traceability in the world.
  • Plus, not forgetting that British food tastes delicious!

At St. Ewe Free Range Eggs, we are proud to be British Lion accredited, providing assurance that all eggs are vaccinated against salmonella, and have complete traceability, increased hygiene controls, and regular testing and audits.

Try them for yourselves on our online shop or nationally through Ocado and Getir.