Celebrating British Farming with St. Ewe Free Range Eggs!

September 15 2023

British Food Fortnight is underway, and we’re egg-cited to shine a spotlight on the heart of our operation: British farming. At St. Ewe Free Range Eggs, we take immense pride in being a British family-led farming business, and we want to share with you the journey that brings our delicious eggs from our wonderful farmers to your table.


From Family Farmers to You

For over 40 years, St. Ewe has been dedicated to British farming in the beautiful county of Cornwall. Our family farmers are true partners in this journey, sharing our commitment to hen welfare and values. Together, we pour passion and expertise into every step of the process, ensuring our girls live their best lives. From green countryside settings to nurturing environments, these farms are where the story of our multi-award-winning eggs begins.


The Journey of our Free-Range Egg

A hen takes 26 hours to lay one egg and she needs a safe place to be able to come in from the range at night and lay her eggs within the hen houses. From the moment one of our beautiful hens lays an egg, a story unfolds. They begin their journey in the hen house where they are sorted by hand and packed onto trays in the packing rooms at our farms across the South West, Wales and Northern Ireland. They are then collected by one of the St. Ewe transport team and carefully loaded onto our chilled lorries to make their way to our Cornwall-based packing centre. Here, the eggs are unloaded by the team and put through our grader, where each egg is inspected, photographed, graded, and packaged with care by our dedicated team at Egg HQ. Any egg that is not good enough to be packed goes off to our pasturiser and any waste egg shells onto the land so that practically nothing is wasted. The care that is taken from each hen through to the eggs that reach your kitchen is a testament to the dedication of our farmers and team.


Our Story: A Tradition of Excellence

Our commitment to British farming and food production runs deep. Our journey began more than four decades ago. From humble beginnings to becoming a business of praised quality, we have remained true to our roots, while embracing innovation and listening to our customers along the way. Find out more about our family farming history here – steweeggs.com/our-story.


The Impact of Buying British

Choosing British means more than enjoying great food, it is about supporting local communities and British agriculture. When you choose our eggs, you’re not just savouring delicious eggs – you’re contributing to a network of British farmers, suppliers, and communities. Your choice to buy British carries an effect that strengthens our nation’s food landscape.

In the UK, all British eggs are stamped with the British Red Lion mark. This is your guarantee that these are quality eggs laid by British hens vaccinated against Salmonella. This means vulnerable people, the elderly and pregnant women can safely enjoy runny eggs without worry. See egginfo.co.uk for more info.

Join us during British Food Fortnight to celebrate the incredible journey of our eggs, the heritage of our company, and the impact of supporting British farming. Stay tuned for egg-citing updates, stories from our farmers, and mouth-watering British recipes, that showcase the incredible flavours of our country.

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