Celebrating the Egg on World Egg Day 

October 9 2023

This Friday the 13th of October, we join the world in celebrating World Egg Day, a day dedicated to the incredibly versatile food, the egg. Eggs have been a cornerstone of diets across cultures for centuries, and at St. Ewe, we believe they’re more than just food; they’re a symbol of excellence, nutrition, and responsible farming.


Eggs: A Nutritional Powerhouse

Eggs have earned their reputation as nature’s nutritional powerhouses with our CEO Bex Tonks often referring to them as “little bombs of nutrition”. They’re packed with high-quality protein, essential vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. One large egg provides six grams of powerful protein, a vital nutrient for building muscle, boosting the immune system, and strengthening bones.

But what sets our eggs apart? At St. Ewe, we go the extra mile to ensure that every egg we produce is nothing short of exceptional.

Our quality begins with the hens. We prioritise their welfare, creating an environment where they thrive, and allowing our girls to lay the most delicious and nutritious eggs. Our commitment to high welfare standards is unwavering, and it’s one of the key reasons our eggs stand out.


The Super Egg Difference

While all our eggs are outstanding, our Super Eggs take it up a notch. They are a testament to our dedication to achieving a highly nutritious food for Britain. Super Eggs are enriched with additional nutrients, including selenium, which supports immunity. We’ve carefully tailored their feed to provide an immunity-boosting dose of selenium, setting our Super Eggs apart on the shelf.


Farmers, Family, and Our Commitment

We treat our farmers as cherished family members because we believe that a shared commitment to quality makes our eggs extraordinary. We work together to provide our hens with the finest feed, which ultimately results in egg-ceptional eggs.


Discover the St. Ewe Way

We invite you to discover what makes St. Ewe Eggs exceptional this World Egg Day. Explore our range of eggs, from our award-winning Original Eggs to the Super Eggs, and taste the difference that commitment to quality can make.

Join us in celebrating the incredible egg, a simple yet powerful source of nutrition. St. Ewe is proud to provide eggs that exceed expectations and nourish you and your family.

Happy World Egg Day!