Farmer & CEO

“Supers for me, scrambled with a dollop of clotted cream and a twist of black pepper.”

Founding Director

“I love egg sandwiches with no funny business no cress and only a tiny bit of mayo.”

Founding Director

“Egg sandwiches with lots of mayonnaise and salad cream.”

Managing Director

“Mine is Eggs Royale with Rich Yolk for the poached eggs and hollandaise sauce made with our pasteurised liquid egg yolk of course.”

Sales Director

“Eggy bread. Whisk up the eggs, add a pinch of salt, pepper and chilli flakes. Coat both sides of the bread and add to a warm pan and cook with butter. Yummy.”

Head of Finance

“I love a fresh egg mayo sandwich with thick white bread, yum yum!”

Head of Operations

“Poached eggs, pepper, brown toast, proper butter.”

Head of Farm & Engineering

“I do love a scrambled Rich Yolk egg with real butter on fresh bakery bread, no better way to eat eggs in my opinion!”

Head of Marketing

“I just love eggs! You can’t beat really buttery scrambled eggs on sourdough toast with black olives or a good old dippy egg and soldiers!”

Head of Poultry

“Poached with smoked salmon and asparagus, yum yum!”

Business Development Manager

“Poached on sourdough with lots of salted butter and Sriracha. Yum!”

Transport Manager

“Nice and simple eggs benedict for me. Toasted half breakfast muffin, with a slice of thick ham. Times two, of course… one is never enough!”

Technical Manager

“My favourite eggs are Rich Yolk scrambled with butter, like my grandmother used to make. Gosh, I missed those days…”

Management Accountant

“Got to be Eggs Benedict with Rich Yolk poached eggs for me.”

Packing Centre & Warehouse Manager

“Mines Rich Yolk shallow fried between 2 bits of toast with ketchup”

Packing Centre Supervisor

“I don’t actually eat eggs very often, but I love baking and you can’t beat a lemon drizzle cake!”

Warehouse Supervisor

“Well. Probably scrambled to be honest!”

Production Supervisor

“Fried with a nice runny yolk as part of a full English for me!”

Admin Supervisor

“Scrambled Rich Yolk eggs with a bit of salt and pepper. Sometimes not even on toast!”

Technical Assistant

“My favourite way of eating eggs is Huevos Rancheros. Eggs baked in wells made of garlic, peppers, smoked paprika, tomato, onion and chillies.”

Stock Controller

“Scrambled Rich Yolk eggs with slices of smoked salmon mixed in on a thick slice of buttered granary toast.”