'Primal Paleo 21’ Berry Banana Pancakes

This is one of the breakfast dishes from ‘Primal Paleo 21’. Brought to you by Tessa Seward food and wellness blogger (@Londonpaleogirl) and Lindsay Warshaw founder of Bespoke Fuel. Providing a modern day paleo menu for Londoners Monday to Friday. No calorie counting; just healthy, delicious and nutritious meals using seasonal, quality ingredients delivered to your door.

  • Serves:1



  1. Pulse cashews in a blender
  2. Add baking soda, eggs, banana & vanilla extract
  3. Add in mashed banana
  4. Blitz again until all combined and a pourable mix
  5. Add in the blueberries
  6. Pour into a pre-heated and lightly greased (using coconut oil) frying pan. Flip when cooked onto the other side to finish.
  7. You can add fresh berries or any fruit of your choice as toppings, they are are favourite with a drizzle of nut butter & Nush dairy free Almond Yogurt.
  8. The yellow pancake colour comes from St Ewes special Rick Yolk's!

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