After the success of our Eaton Mess at the Royal Cornwall Show, we thought we'd share our Strawberry & Elderflower Pavlova recipe.
  • Serves:


  1. Heat oven to 140C/120C fan/gas
  2. Line two large baking sheets with non-stick baking parchment. Draw eight circles, 6-8cm in diameter, on the parchment, then flip over. In a large bowl, whisk the egg whites until stiff peaks form.
  3. Gradually whisk in the sugar until thick and glossy, then the cornflour. Pile the meringue in soft swirls onto the marked circles on the baking parchment, then bake on the lowest shelf for an hour until crisp on the outside and dry underneath.
  4. Cool, then gently peel off the paper. Can be made up to a day in advance, just store it in airtight containers.
  5. Make the syrup by infusing water with elderflowers and simmering with sugar on a low heat until the sugar dissolves, and a thicker syrup consistency forms. Remove the elderflowers and allow them to cool before serving. If you don’t have any elderflowers try using a fresh aromatic herb like lemon balm or lemon verbena instead.
  6. Serve mini pavlovas topped with strawberries, Cornish clotted cream and elderflower syrup.
  7. Serve on some strawberry jam to stop sliding on the plate and for a sweet surprise. Garnish with fresh elderflowers.