Dutch Babies are really a Californian interpretation of the oven-baked pancakes that German (Deutsch) immigrants brought to the US in the 18th century. They are divine and should be cooked for people you want to keep in your life forever.
  • Serves: 2



  1. Peel, core and chop the apples - toss with sugar and cinnamon. Fry in a medium hot pan with a bit of butter till translucent and glazed, make sure it retains the bite
  2. Whilst apples cook, put dish in oven and after a few minutes add butter. Give about 3-5 mins till it’s hot, but make sure the butter doesn’t burn
  3. Mix all the ingredients to a smooth batter
  4. Now be quick: take the dish from the oven, pour in half the batter in each pan, top with 1/3rd of the apple mix - put it back in the oven.
  5. Don’t open the oven until after 15-20 minutes, quickly take out the dish, add the remaining apple mixture, top with almond flakes and your choice of fresh berries. Dust with confectioners sugar.
  6. Get cracking!