St. Ewe Free Range Eggs Introduces Innovative Egg Cartons

July 10 2023

St. Ewe Free Range Eggs, a multi-award-winning free-range egg producer based in Cornwall, recognised for their commitment to welfare and quality, proudly unveils its latest breakthrough in egg packaging. 

Setting these new egg cartons apart is their beautifully captivating design. Adorned with vibrant colours, these cartons boast 100% print coverage on the outside, commanding attention on store shelves as well as delivering key messages on St. Ewe’s high welfare standards, nutrition and British family farming roots.  

St. Ewe understands the importance of protecting the eggs from damage from the farms through to your kitchen.  Crafted from 100% recycled and recyclable paper, the cartons exemplify St. Ewe’s dedication to waste reduction, minimising their carbon footprint and safeguarding their eggs. Specifically, the production process for creating these new egg cartons is powered by ‘green planet energy,’ utilising 100% wind and water energy.    

In addition, St. Ewe is thrilled to introduce its Opulent Collection, 6 of their finest large Rich Yolk eggs. The collection pays homage to St. Ewe’s commitment to its diligent and skilled farmers, who tirelessly endeavour to deliver on the quality standards St. Ewe are known for.  

The Rich Yolk Opulent Collection has a striking premium look boasting embossed gold detail to symbolise the acclaimed deep orange yolks, and paying homage to their dedicated likeminded family farmers, who go above and beyond to achieve St. Ewe’s high standards of quality and welfare. Their hens’ come first and always will.  

Bex Tonks, St. Ewe’s CEO comments “As a family company with bold values, we are known as innovators within the egg category. With emphasis on delivering more sustainable approaches to business, we have worked hard with our packaging suppliers to deliver on this. The humble egg box as we know and love, has remained largely unchanged for over 50 years, since its patent was established in 1969. 

The primary focus of the new cartons is to enhance the structural integrity of our packaging, safeguarding the eggs from our Packing Centre here in Cornwall to consumers’ kitchens right across the country. They are also a great opportunity to get all important messages on pack”. 

St. Ewe Rich Yolk Free Range Eggs in the orange and yellow cartons are available in Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda supermarkets nationwide. The new Rich Yolk Opulent Collection are now available in select retailers, delis and farm shops.