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Hen Picked 30

Our Hen Picked range just got bigger! Our brand new Hen Picked 30 offers great value for the whole family and are a rich source of vitamins D and B12.

Each tray has 30 delicious Hen Picked free-range eggs, that are 100 % British, Class A graded, packed full of flavour and natural protein; making them the perfect choice for all the family.

Our trays are made of 100% recyclable material and offer a more sustainable way of buying eggs.

All St Ewe eggs are Red Lion Code registered, RSPCA Assured and Vegetarian Society accredited, offering total peace of mind even for vulnerable groups.

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You can find our eggs in the following retail and wholesalers:

  • Original - large
  • Original - medium
  • Rich Yolk
  • Super Eggs Yolk
  • Hen Picked
  • Hen Picked 30
  • Grand
  • Liquid Egg Products