Eggs for any occasion, with a selection of flavourful mixed size eggs. It’s like a box of chocolates for egg lovers!

Historically supermarkets have refused to sell pullet eggs and up to 1.5 million perfectly delicious eggs are thrown away by farmers each year, equating to 10% of an egg producer’s overall stock!

Pullet eggs are from young hens who are just starting to lay and are now sought after and favoured by many egg-lovers for their depth of flavour.

At certain times of the year you’ll find our pullet eggs in our Hen Picked® range, offering great value and affordable nutrition for all the family.

All St Ewe eggs are Red Lion Code registered, RSPCA Assured and Vegetarian Society accredited, offering total peace of mind even for vulnerable groups.

Available in 6, 15 and 30 egg cartons


  • Taste of the West 2018 – Gold

Where to buy Hen Picked Eggs

Tesco, Cotswold Fayre, Great Cornish Food Store