Super Egg Whites


No messing around! When it comes to high quality protein you really can’t do much better than a British free-range egg. Our Super Egg Whites contain … well… nothing but 100% pure liquid egg white.

Perfect for a protein packed smoothie or just drinking straight out of the bottle after a heavy workout; St Ewe’s Super Egg Whites are the perfectly convenient protein hit for when you need it most. 



No Messing Around… Just 100% Natural, British Free-Range Egg White For High Impact Nutrition

Eggs are one of the most natural & nutritional sources of protein you can get! 

The protein found in egg whites is far easier for your body to absorb than plant-based proteins; this process is called ‘bioavailability’ by nutritionists

We love our hen’s there’s no denying it, therefore all St Ewe eggs come from high welfare hens living the good life on British free-range farms – happy healthy hens produce highly nutritious eggs, it’s as simple as that!

British pasteurised liquid egg whites, exclusively from St Ewe Free Range Eggs with no need for refrigeration. High in protein, no messing around… just 100% natural free-range eggs, perfect for those practicing a healthy lifestyle. 

What Makes Super Egg Whites Super…

  • Ready to drink
  • High Protein: 11g per 100ml
  • 0% Fat
  • Cholesterol Free
  • Gluten Free
  • 100% Pasteurised Free-Range Eggs
  • Long Shelf Life


Nothing but 100% British Pasteurised, Free-Range Egg Whites!

Nutritional Table

Nutrition typical values per 100g
Energy  184kJ
Energy 43kcal
Total Fat Trace
of which saturates Trace
Total Carbohydrate Trace
– of which sugars Trace
Protein 10.8g
Sodium 185.0mg
Salt N/A