Le Gavroche's 2 Michelin Starred Head Chef Gaetano Farucci, has created this highly visual Purple Potato Gnocchi to show their support for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month and have shared their recipe so you can recreate Michelin standard food at home!
  • Serves:



  1. Mix together the potato (when still warm) egg yolk, flour, semolina & Parmesan with a pinch of salt, pepper & nutmeg. Work until you get a nice, firm dough.
  2. Create a long cylinder cut into small pieces & with a gnocchi roll create a perfect shape. Cook the gnocchi in salted boiling water before assembling the dish.
  3. Thoroughly wash the mussels & place them in a hot pan with olive oil & some garnish ( can be onion, celery, garlic, bay leaves & parsley) cover with a lid & cook for about 3 minutes, when the shells are open, drain & take the meat of the mussels out of the shell & put on the side
  4. For the butter sauce, cook the sliced shallots in a little butter, add the champagne and reduce it. Add the double cream on a low heat, reduce by half & remove from the heat, add the cold butter & create an emulsion, pass this through a fine sieve & add a little saffron to finish
  5. For the egg yolk, place the Rich Yolk eggs in a water bath (66 degrees for 90 minutes) after immediately chill in iced water. Once cooled, peel & remove the yolk (discarding the white) & mix them with a whisk with a little olive oil salt & pepper, until you get a smooth mix & place in a piping bag or tipped bottle.
  1. Spread some olive paste on the plate and place the cooked gnocchi on top
  2. Mix the mussels with the saffron butter sauce & arrange them on the plate
  3. Add dots of the egg yolk
  4. At the end add more butter sauce & finish with some cress for decoration.