We are Vegetarian Society Approved

May 15 2018

We’re proud to hold the accolade of the only egg company in the UK with Vegetarian Society Approval. The Vegetarian Society Approved vegetarian trademark is only licensed to products that meet a strict criteria. We wanted to reassure people that we do meet that criteria and help to highlight what a nutritious, affordable and versatile food source eggs are.

Vegetarian Week runs from 14th-20th May – a perfect chance to turn #meatfreemonday into a week and see how easy it is to switch your main protein source away from meat to eggs!

Try our Top 2 Vegetarian Recipes from our resident chef Chef Fiona NZ. These dishes are packed full of flavour, nutrients and minerals. Eggs are already a great source of protein, vitamins (B2, B12 & Vitamin D) and nutrients. Especially our Boost the Roost eggs that have high levels of selenium & DHA Omega 3.
Green Frittata with Feta & Seaweed
This recipe is full of greens and we added The Cornish Seaweed Company’s Mixed Seaweed Flakes which are high in Vitamin A, B2, B7, B12, C, E.
Kimchi Potato Cakes with Poached Eggs
Then the Kimchi Potato Cakes offer lots of extra vitamins as Kimchi is a fermented cabbage packed full of vitamins A, B, C and “healthy bacteria” called lactobacilli that is great for gut health.